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Verlisify 2: The Squeakquel is Verlisify's second youtube account. He is best known for his Powersaves and PKHeX tutorials. He has been involved with various controversies with a youtube known as HoodlumScrafty 2, who uploads breeding guides and tutorials and is strongly against hacking. Verlisify 2's channel mainly consists of playthroughs of "Bee Movie" for the Nintendo DS.This is Verlisify's second youtube channel, which is private and has only accumulated 4 subscribers.

Playthroughs Edit

This list contains the various playthroughs done on Verlisify 2's channel Edit

Shrek 2 on Gameboy Advanced

Bee Movie DS

Cory in the house DS


Trivia Edit

Verlisify 2 has praised hacking, for he claims it "is a faster way to play Pokemon, unlike breeding peasants"

His mascot is Pangoro (haha funny joke)

Verlisify 2 claims he is not related to the popular furry Pokemon youtuber "Verlisify"

Uses creative mastermind movesets

Verlisify is the champion of the Pokemon VCG 2019 masters division tournament

Has done collabs with other Poketubers such as HoodlumScrafty in his popular "Roulette free for all" series

subscribe to HoodlumScrafty

He swept the 2013 VGC Pokemon World Tournament with a genned Fur(r)y Cutter Venusaur, OHKOing every single Pokemon