Unsub, block channel, clickbait, 6 year old whining skills, sucks, no life at PvP(Also a huge cunt.)

Channel facts Edit

Started in 2012

Started gaining relevance in 2014, but didn't quite get the large amount of infamy that he has today till the spring of 2016

Is at 400k subs as of may 2018

Used to get around 10-50k views in 2012-2013, a bit more in 2014, then started making 100k view videos in 2015 and 2016. His fanbase is quit small and he usually gets 50k views now, but if he makes a "good" video, gets 100k to 1 million views rarely.

Life facts, note these are real and not jokes Edit


Is Infamous For Edit

Rants on Smogon being horrible and banning stuff like evasion.

Rants on hacked pokemon, such as the dream ball aegislash, and about shiny pokemon in wondertrade with good natures. He has hunted all different kinds of people, up to children.

Has absolutely no mercy. A guy was going to pkhex a shiny zorua for his girlfriend's birthday, it was her favorite pokemon, just so she could use it in game, not competitive. This was just a one time thing for him and only for the special birthday.

He defended nazi's on twitter when defending some kkk attacks in rochester,ny, charlottsville, nc, and a few other places. He brought up a point of nazi's =black lives matter for germans and kkk=black lives matter for rednecks. Duncankneedick called him out for it but luckily he didn't get too much attention from it.

His attacks on Pimpnite.

The shofu diss track.