Background Edit

Verlisify is best known for his criticisms of smogon. He receives a lot of hate for this and being a furry. His birthday is June 28th and looks gay.

Mainly known for his beliefs against smogon and genning pokemon.

First became a redneck around the age of 11, then gamer, then got into pokemon and comic book character cosplaying, and then animal cosplaying. (He even says he is a furry.)

He is a drama lover and watches drama alert, and like keemstar, became a meme due to hate, shortly after idubbz and keemstar exposed gradeaunderated and liturally kill yourself you have autism is here.

Dated his girlfriend ☀ for a while through 2013 until early 2014 when her friends, who hated him, told her to break up with him. He had to take a plane all the way home and lived in his moms basement for most of 2014 after that, finally getting back to normal in 2015. He blamed the move on smogon causing drama most of the time, but in his draw his life vid ☀verlisify draw my life said it was her friends. He wnated to get back together with her, but never spoke on the matter after that video, and in some of her videos, is seen with an asian man around her age, who is assumed to be her boyfriend.

Youtube info and drama Edit

Started his youtube career in 2012 and for most of 2012 up until 2014, was a nobody on the internet. Then, in 2014, his videos started getting anywhere form 5k to 50k views.

He started to get popularity in 2014 with his crazy sets getting talked about along with his complaints on hacked pokemon, like dream ball aegislash, which first sparked negative opinions about him. He was looked down upon but not really hated. The first decently sized youtuber to take shots at him was Pyrotoz with his video ☀ in the late summer of 2015. This video started to get some hate towards him, but due to pyrotoz not nearly being as large as him at the time, the video didn't shift much opinion. pyrotoz followed up with ☀ during the end of the verlsiify hate bandwagon in summer 2016.

In late 2015 and early 2016 he got the attention of hoodlum scrafty and duncankneedeep, who he thought of as "cool dudes" in early 2014, and they went after him for several witchunting videos and hacker exposed videos he made. They started a mini war with him from mid spring of 2016 to mid summer 2016, over videos he made towards them, includign ripping off duncankneedeep and kingnappy's free for all battle style. Since Hoodlum and Duncan had around 250k subs at the time, much larger than Pyrotoz, they got the public to go after him in several videos, criticizing him about implying someone to drink bleach and saying he meant egg whites, and other stupid shit. He became a mini meme over the fact he is a furry and other things, through the late summer and end of 2016.

Verlsiify also attacked Jethrotex, a youtuber with 360k subscribers who is now a sinking ship (but not because of Verlisify), saying his videos were petty, even though verlisify uploaded around 6 videos sucking Dusk Lycanroc's dick the next year, but the Verlisify hate bandwagon was rolling and he left Jethro alone after that

After the summer of 2016, Verlisify was drama free, other than the occasional joke jab from hoodlum or duncan.

Throughout 2017, he mostly did extra game details for sun and moon and strange sets with new 7th gen pokemon.

In mid July to early August of 2017, he was found saying black lives matter activists are all the same as nazis, getting him hate he deserved on twitter. He then got a diss track made about him by shofu ☀ critiscizing him about smogon and being a furry. After this, he made a bunch of videos sucking dusk lycanroc's dick when it was first shown in the anime, and even called it and its other forms "sexy". This was mainly used as another furry joke towards him.

Verlisify couldn't stay drama free forever and on November 1st 2017, attacked Pimpnite for hacking pokemon for his sweep videos and for the bloopers in his vids being bad. Pimpnite defended himself saying that at first, he got the mons not knowing they were hacked, and those were only a few back in the day. He then said that the bloopers were made because people thought he never failed his sweeps and he wanted to show funny fails. The community went after Verlisify throughout November after that. This stopped Verlsiify, who was on his way to 400k, form getting past 380 till the end of 2017.

As of December 2017, Velrisify decided to not get involved in drama and talk more about what he liked about other poketubers, such as theauraguardian and munchingorange who are highly loved in the community, which stopped some of the hate for his channel.

As of February 2018 Verlsiify uploads mostly top 10 videos, however they are about as detailed as a leafy video and lack the interesting commentary, analogies, and humor possesed by more popular and liked channels such as truegreen7 who was 400k subs and a few thousand over Verlis, manjtv pokevids who is all the way at 650k, Theauraguardian who is around 400k as well, Eryzo who is around 300k, and the previously mentioned Jethrotex. These videos often get around 10 to 20k views and aren't at all successful. Verlsiify also uploads theories that get anywhere form 50k to 150k views depending on how clickbaity and crazy they are.

He is close to 400k subscribers on his youtube channel although its hard for him to get close.

Overall, he started out a nobody in 2012 and 2013, starting getting attention for his competitive videos and ray rizzo rants in 2014, got even more popular in 2015 with a few people taking mostly unsuccessful jabs at him, became super infamous in 2016 with almost everyone taking jabs and making memes about him all throughout the summer, and he was brought up a few times due to controversy in 2017, but ultimately became irrelevant in 2018 and has stagnated, with barely any of his subscribers watching him.