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Verlisify Face Cam----------------> == Info == VerIisify, also known as 'Greatest Poketuber' is a amazing youtuber and is also a dog lover. He is well known for calling out other youtubers and for abusing children. His second channel Verlisify 2 uploads videos of him helping foster children to raise money for them. Verlisify is also used in the Smogon competitive format. See Verlisify (Smogon analysis) == Talents == * supporting foster children * gets involved in drama because other poketubers need views so they

involve him * Being absolutely fucking great at pokemon * he likes dogs * Calling anyone and everyone amazing people * Supports foster children * he tells people to be their best selves * has very good sets on the game of pokemon * makes amazing content * a person known by the name of duncankneedeep tried to steal his girlfriend * he may not be the largest poketuber but he has a huge heart * he is very good looking * many people claim that his dislikes are all from bots * He is very humble and is called the greatest poketuber by many * is gay == Trivia == * His videos are commonly amazing that require a lot of effort and love * He likes helping foster children * He wears cheap clothes because he spends so much money on helping people who lead tough lives * Does collabs with other amazing people * is a supporter of gay rights * Has raised more than 800,000,000,000,000$ for charity

After the succes of pokemon S&M bondage he took it upon himself to fulfill the quest of becoming a bondage slave.

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This is all a joke just like DuncanKneeDeep's channel Edit