Kyle McNeal, better known by his YouTube username TheKingNappy, is an American Youtuber who produces gaming content. Okay

He was born on September 21st, Currently he is 25 years old.

McNeal started 'TheKingNappy' channel June of 2011 with his first viewable Let's Play MiNi Ninjas following Dante Inferno. Nearly a year into his YouTube channel he starts his first Pokémon Let's Play; Pokémon Sapphire. In the first episode, McNeal says that "I wanted to do a Pokémon let's play for the longest time" and thus a PokéTuber was born. At this point his channel is still not only based on Pokémon because during the let's play he is uploading other games including Borderlands 2 and Black Ops 2. After McNeal was done with Pokémon Sapphire he started Pokémon Black and White co-op with his good friend, Kristen also known as CuddleOfDeath on Youtube while continuing Black Ops 2. Gradually McNeal's channel started to become Pokémon oriented while playing the other Pokémon main games as well as making Pokéraps and his most memorable top 5 series. As of the 5th of August 2017, TheKingNappy channel has 478,006 subscribers and 204,035,460 views. By 2016, he has done 35 Pokémon let's plays, he has made two other channels 'NappyTheGreat' and 'NappySpeaks'.


This channel was made by McNeal so he can make more gaming content however this channel consists of everything but Pokémon. An example of what type of games he does on this channel is: Outlast,Skyrim,etc. 

Kyle McNeal lives in Arizona in the United States of America with his beloved dog named Sadie.

  • He has had a soul link of every gen of Pokémon, 6th gen is in procces
  • He does a lot of great YouTube videos.
  • During the Summer, he puts out livestreams on YouTube about Pokémon.
  • His humour is more explicit than most Pokétubers.


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