TheHeatedMo is a well known Canadian Poketuber He has a list of top 10 mods, which includes: Beothen, Beothen2, and Beothen3 over and over. During almost every Sleeplocke he has obtained and lost a Mareep. He was the reason Boom obtained the alias "Trash ADC Main" in Overwatch from Fortnite with DiegoContra. Police should be unmodded and the Plebs will rule again. All hail B I G D I C K M O As of the start of 2018, he has started a life of focusing on making YouTube his career and building a healthier life style. I hope the best Mohinder. Morik Ishtar's Weiner


Demeanor shall never fail.

Facts Edit

  • He's done series with multiple poketubers, including TheKingNappy, GameboyLuke and Patterrz
  • He does a 3 way every year with GameboyLuke and Paterrz
  • He is, in fact, black
  • He wears a furry hat to protect him from the cold
  • His mascot is an Espeon with a hat
  • He is a Low Tier Nuzlocker
  • He moved to New Zealand in order to buy Pokemon USUM early
  • At the end of every video he says 'and remember kids, don't do drugs' so that people do not become what he is.
  • His real name is Mohit, pronounced More heat fam squad


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