TheAuraGuardian or Alex is a British Pokétuber with over 250k subscribers and 38 million views . His mascot is Lucario and joined YouTube at 8 October 2015 and published his first video ''Is Pikachu A Starter Pokémon ?'' at the same date . He is not focused on a certain topic , but his videos for the most part are comedy related . His most famous video ''All Gender Differences From Gen. 1 To 6'' however doesn't fit to either of those categories . He has also done quite a few amount of theories and his some videos contain other universes from Pokémon such as Dragon Ball Z and Digimon . He is also known to do a good amount of research to his videos since he has covered some notable topics like how big is the Smash Brothers universe where he finds all the connections with Smash Brothers universe and he has found more than 40 universes linking to the Smash Brothers universe in a way including some famous ones such as Star Wars universe , DC and Marvel universe and many more . He also showed pretty logical reasons and carried the Blue's Raticate's Death theory to another level .

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