Star Fox, is an up and coming science fiction about the Nintendo video game series of the same name. It features many poketubers.

Development Edit

In 2017, Johnson Studios began to cast for a film that had already been scripted. In 2018, it was revealed that they were making a Star Fox adaptation with guidence from Nintendo. The cast was leaked in February 2018 and the day later, Johnson Studios announced it's grand intentions.

Cast Edit

  • GameboyLuke/Patterrz as Fox Mcloud, a fox and the new leader of Star Fox, after his father, James Mcloud (Portrayed as Patterrz) dies mysteriously on the planet of Venom. He is entrusted with the Star Fox crew-a group of elite pilots who wish to protect the Lyat System from the Tyranny of a mysterious 'emperor' who has taken over the Lyat system with a large army of rogue anti-Cornerian pilots, including the infamous Star Wolf.
  • DuncanKneeDeep/Supra as Falco Lombardi, a falcon who had been in Star Fox prior and is more experienced than Fox, who later develops as his best friend.
  • Ruffledrowlit as Slippy Toad-a toad who is a long time friend of Fox and is an inventor and mechanic
  • Ace Trainer Liam/Random Old Dude as Peppy Hare-an original member of Star Fox who escaped the planet Venom after James Mcloud's death.
  • Nomeyy as Krystal-A Blue vixen. In the games, she serves as Fox's love interest. In this film, her backstory will be set up, but she will only meet Fox for a short while in this film.
  • Verlisify as Wolf O'Donnell-The leader of Star Wolf-a band of bounty hunters and rogue criminals who serve
    Wolf O'Donnell

    Verlisify, also known as Wolf O'Donnell, will star as the main Villain in this exciting movie!

    an evil emperor who is based on the planet Venom. He becomes Fox's nemisis and the two fight, but Wolf is more experienced. Wolf will actually be revealed to have a sad backstory which explains why he does the things he does. It will be revealed as a twist at the end, that Wolf is not the true bad guy.