Date joined March 26, 2013

(4 years ago)

Views Approx. 126M
Subscribers Approx. 439K
Videos Approx. 1840
Status Active
Twitter @ShadyPenguinn
  • In May 2013, Shadypenguinn's debut as a Pokétuber began with a Let's Play of Pokémon Dark Rising and commentated Pokémon Showdown battles.

His channel features a range of Pokémon related content from nuzlockes to WiFi battles with subscribers. He has since expanded out into other games with an ongoing series featuring Steam games ('I Am Bread' and 'The Stanley Parable' so far) and a series dedicated to Hearthstone. He has also played a Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts recently.

He became a conductor at LumioseStation in (mm/yy), where he currently uploads his "I Choose You" series.

He requests WiFi battles with fans regularly via Twitter, which he then records and posts onto his YouTube channel. He is also, a popular broadcaster with a following of about 100,000 (shadypenguinn stats )

Trivia Edit

  • His mascot is Delibird.
  • His real name is Jonathan Vincent Indovino.
  • He has a wife named Sarah Schrek who has appeared in a few of his videos, and whom he often refers to as Shady Lady.
  • His mottos/slogans are "But above all else, keep it shady!" and "It's a crit!"
  • He collects Pokémon Training Cards.
  • He is the coach of the New York Mankeys.
  • He is the creator of a locke known as the Shadylocke, in which the usage of a Pokémon center is forbidden except at the cost of 1 Shady Token, which can be earned by defeating a gym leader or your rival in battle.
  • Shady's friends claim him to be seven foot tall, but we have no evidence that this is the case. His best friend Drew aka "NiPPs" says that he is only about 6' 1" also in a TCG unboxing he said he is 6' 2" and Sarah is 5' 7".
  • He is often found showing deep gratitude for his subscriber, the Shady People, and has stated multiple times that he considers himself to be the luckiest person in the world because he gets to make a living doing what he loves.
  • As a second interest he plays the guitar and likes to write music and poetry.
  • He is one of the few poketubers who are pg.
  • He lives in Long Island, NY.
  • He is white.
    IYEWUK1g 400x400

    Shadypenguinn's face.

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