Original Pokerap

Original Pokerap

RoxasFroslass is a new Poketuber whith only 6 subsribers. He created the channel on Oct 30th 2016, but his first video "Intro Video-"Not the Best"" was uploaded on November 26th 2017. Since then he started uploading his first Let's Play on Pokémon Ultra Moon. As of December 27th 2017, a new project was launched in the form of a challenge: Pokémon Sun Wonderlocke.

On his introduction video he has stated that he is not planning on uploading Pokemon Content only. As of today he also said he was going to play: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. In the same video he said to be planning on uploading Wi-Fi battles, and he dreams on being part of a draft league format.


  • He is from Mexico.
  • His mascot is Froslass
  • He tries to be a PG channel
  • He is dyslexic