• In June of 2014, RedneckRough posted his first Pokémon video beginning a Let's Play of Pokémon Ruby.
Date joined Nov. 13, 2013
Views Approx 18k
Subscribers Approx 230
Videos Approx 560
Status Active
Twitter @RedneckRough

His channel now features mostly Pokémon content with rare videos of other games including Rocket League, Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity and many others. 

MSU Logo Compressed

Logo for the Mountain State Ursarings.

Redneck is the current head coach of the Mountain State Ursarings, a Pokémon Draft League team.




  • His previous online username was Asphxyiatic.
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    Art of RedneckRough made by Emdy.

  • His mascot is Ursaring.
  • His real name is Devin Ryan Boyce.
  • He was born May 27, 1993.
  • He is currently engaged to Megan Starcher whome he has dubbed "The Fiancé."
  • He has his own Discord server which you can find here .
  • He's the first ever dumb enough to attempt to solo-run a game with a Sunkern and not be allowed to evolve it.
  • His first versus was Fire Red/Leaf Green with CoolShallow .

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