Raizor (current logo, 2015)
Date joined December 23, 2013
Views approx. 3,9M
Subscribers approx. 16500
Videos Unknown
Status Active
Twitter @RaizorZockt

Raizor is a German PokéTuber. He started making videos in late January 2014 and his first video was a Pokémon X/Y Wifi-Battle.

His current series are Pokémon Sacred Gold Egglocke, Splatoon Online, Mario Kart 8 - Online and a project called "Schlüssel-Turnier" ("Key-Tournament"). Sometimes he uploads Pokémon OR/AS FFAs with other German PokéTubers

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite pokémon and mascot is Zoroark and his favorite type is Dark.
  • His username was inspired by the ninth boss in Need for Speed - Most Wanted.
  • He's the co-founder of the GPL (German Pokémon League).

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