Pokemon Rowel, commonly mistaken for Pokemon Rowlit, is an upcoming popular fangame created by Poketuber Ruffledrowlit and his Discord 'my region' squad.


History and Conception Edit

Ruffledrowlit originally started uploading videos for a 'my region' series in early 2017. It involved him creating some routes and towns as part of a region, where he created them himself in photoshop. It then developed into a project where a fangame was rumoured to have been created, if the project did well. The fangame went under development, several times, Ruffledrowlit said he would drop the project. Eventually, he decieded to keep the fangame going, hiring a team of skilled idiots.

The game was originally going to be based on Europe. Now, it has a variety of biomes and is has a medieval theme.

On the Discord, there are two channels. The first, is for concept art of Fakemon and concepts and the second for general discussion. The mod Kaze approves of the art and then it is sent to a group, a council who vote on it. The people of the Ruffled nation do not get a say. Kaze approving of the art is rare and the council approving the pokemon/idea further is even rarer, at a 5% encounter rate.

Funny Characters Edit

The Grand High Council, as it is called, overlaps with several councils, particularly, the Empire, the Acolytes of the Beyond, the Senate, the Imperial Future Council, the Shadow Council and the Jakku Imperial Remnant

Galactic Emperor Ruffled Rowlit: Creator of the Empire, an inspiration for most. When he was killed by Luke Pokewalker's father, the Empire went into decline. His legacy left a council willing to do what he wished for

Cute Grumpy Treehugger (Kaze) AKA Grand Admiral Rae Sloane:

Grand Admiral Sloane