PokeaimMD is also known as Joey.

He has just over 140k subscribers. His content consists of mainly Pokemon Showdown [Lives], but occasionally plays a variety of other games, most of the time with his friends.

He is most notable for his "Heatah Fajita" sessions with his friends, fellow YouTubers Thunderblunder777, MrJamvad, Chimpact, Emvee, and other staples like CrashinBoomBang (CBB) and CTC, on the popular Pokemon simulator known as Pokemon Showdown.

PokeaimMD is a personal acquaintance with another Poketuber, who goes by the name Shofu.

He began his channel in May of 2010, and his content really began to take off around the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which was around November 2014. Joey is a very well-rounded Pokemon player, playing in several Smogon tiers like OU, UU, Ubers, and so on.

He is also known for his several catchphrases, including "I'm Tired," "Drop a Draco," "Beasht Boosht," etc.

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