PIMPNITE is a Poketuber who is mainly known for uploading videos of "theme teams" that his fans suggest. In these videos the teams are often built around Pokémon resembling characters from pop-culture shows, movies, videogames or memes. They may also be based around pokémon that have things in common, either in the strategy with which they are played, their looks, or other things such as movesets and weaknesses. PIMPNITE is also known for his sweeping videos, where he will (usually through extensive setup) attempt (and usually succeed) to sweep with unorthodox pokémon or pokémon-sets. He has also done a few playthroughs. His channel blew up due to sweeps with pokemon like caterpie and magikarp. As of June 2018, he splashes in at 670,000 subscribers.

Life Edit

Pimpnite is from Australia and in his 20's. He has a girlfriend named Krimzen who he did several videos with.

Hacking Allegations Edit

Some people have claimed that PIMPNITE is a hacker (mostly Verlisify and his fans), mainly because he has sometimes been using Pokémon proven to be hacked in. PIMPNITE has admitted that the proof is legit, but has also said that he sometimes receives his Pokémon from his viewers. He claims that he never uses hacked Pokémon on purpose, and that he tries his best to avoid them but they sometimes slip through the cracks, him not realizing they're hacked. PIMPNITE has proven that the Pokémon alleged to be hacked in are received from other players.

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