NidoGOD otherwise known as Joshua Candy started his channel in March of 2016, but was formerly known as JoshKP9 and claimed he lacked motivation, but contradicting himself, he made a new channel. He is the worlds Worst Showdown player, SSB4 and Melee player. Semi-bad in overwatch and isn't even worth being put on any list in CS:GO.

NidoGOD constantly brags about finishing LP's to his good friends Exotic and Monkiez,even though his channel has been up for 6 months, and one of the LP's was undertale.

Recently hit 200 subscribers and for some odd reason decided to do a 200 subscriber QnA which he recieved questions like "Smooth or Chunky Peanut Butter?", "Why are you doing a 200 subscriber special?" and "Are you gay?"

Currently has 11 weeks of the Pokemon Yellow Randomizer Nuzlocke pre recorded and uploaded.

  • Hairline was recently involved in a freak accident, needs to see a doctor ASAP.
  • Can't roast for his life.
  • Had beef several times with Imaad Shockrabi aka Im2aD Designs. 
  • Asks smart people like Monkiez to do his homework for him.
  • Asks Exotic to roast everyone for him.
  • Constantly nags Ozz for GFX that he always starts and never finishes.