SacredFireNegro's current
Date joined Unknown
Views Approx. 2M
Subscribers Approx. 25k
Videos Approx. 300
Status Active
Twitter @SacredFireNegro

Nick Barnes, or SacredFireNegro is a Poketuber, mainly known for his Pokémon Let's Plays and his Wi-Fi Battles. Nick's first video is of a Pokémon Blaze Black 2 Randomizer Nuzlocke, over time SFN grew very well and met many friends such as; NumbNexus, TheKingNappy, SuperTurtle and HoodlumScrafty.

Additional Facts

  • Nick, along with VGMarkis, PlasmaRPG and ChallengerDoob founded a group, "ODS" which is usually reffered to as the group with famous people.

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