Lumiose Station is a community based youtube channel run by multiple pokétubers. It was launched in November 2013, and currently has over 100,000 subscribers as of March 2015. It has a monthly schedule, and a live podcast every Saturday. (Except not really, they're a dead channel now.)

Conductors Edit

  • PKsparkxx Dathottness
  • TheKingNappy
  • NumbNexus
  • TheOneIntegral
  • GameboyLuke
  • pokeaimMD
  • Patterrz
  • cuddleofdeath
  • hi im twit
  • Elmas the Showoff
  • JayYTGamer
  • FeintAttacks
  • aDrive
  • Theheatedmo
  • Hoodlum Scrafty

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