Lueroi's current Youtube icon
Date joined May 30, 2008
Views Approx. 107M
Subscribers Approx. 180K
Videos Approx. 600
Status Active
Twitter @lueroi

Lueroi Edit

Ambrose is a PokéTuber who began posting WiFi battles in June 2008. He is known for posting thorough Let's Plays of several Pokémon titles. Ambrose's style is much simpler than most other PokéTubers in that he does not use much of any editing to enhances his videos and only seems to use a webcam to record his videos.

Beginning in early 2014, videos abruptly stopped being posted to Lueroi leading to the rise of several conspiracy theory videos that speculated as to what happened to Ambrose. It turned out that he was putting his concentrations into getting his degree and building up his resumé. In January 2016, almost two years without a video, Ambrose uploaded a video revealing his face, name, and his intent in making new content for his fans.

His current Let's Play is a walkthrough of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

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