Date joined December 27, 2010
Views Approx. 11M
Subscribers Approx. 43K
Videos Approx. 900
Status Active
Twitter @JPRPT98
JPRPokeTrainer98 is a PokeTuber specializing in many different topics such as the games, anime, competitive battling, Top 5's, and most notably, Facts and Trivia. He has only showcased Pokemon on his channel, and occasional Super Smash Bros videos (although they always contain Pokemon characters).

He mainly uploaded Pokemon Walkthroughs and Guides until 2013, when he began his Pokemon Facts and Trivia series. The series quickly became a fan-favorite, and boosted him by 15,000 Subscribers in 2013. Since then, he has branched out to other Pokemon-related content.

In 2014, he decided not to do Let's Plays of Main Series Pokemon games, due to unpopularity.

On February 29, 2016, JPR uploaded his final episode of Pokemon Facts and Trivia, stating that the series had to eventually end due to lack of content. A series called "Mega Speculation" then became the fan favorite, but was eventually cancelled due to the lack of new Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. He has since become more and more involved in the Pokemon anime community.

He currently makes updates on Pokemon Sun and Moon, Reviews of the Pokemon Anime, and other miscellaneous videos.

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite Pokemon and mascot is Arcanine. His least favorite Pokemon is Lucario.
  • Many of JPR's first videos are gone, due to a hacking in February 2012. Only an estimated 100 of his 400 videos were restored. The estimated number of videos he has produced in total is 1200-1300.
  • He has been a member of two YouTube Crews
    • The PokeMob (2013)
    • PokeAni Crew (2015-16)
  • There is no known instance of JPR cursing in a video.
  • JPR is competitive Super Smash Bros for Wii U player. He has competed in several tournaments, most notably winning sets at NC Meteor Smash and Super Smash Con.
    • He goes by the tag "YTYG I GRizzly" in Tourneys and mains Mewtwo.
  • He replies to many comments and tweets and has been known to do livestreams of playing Pokken Tournament, Smash Bros and Pokemon XY/ORAS with viewers.

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