The Global Battle Association or GBA for short is a sport-like competition where poketubers, or content creators who also do pokemon content, battle eachother in 6v6 battles.

There have been two full 'seasons' of batteling, but due to dissatisfaction among the coaches season 3 was cancelled.

Season 4 started in may 2015 with a metronome tournament to decide the draft order, where the coaches would use neutral-nature mews in a metronome 1v1.

In season 4 the way of drafting was as follows:

There are 6 tiers: OU-A (cost 180 points), OU-B(cost 140 points), BL(cost 100 points), UU(cost 80 points), RU (cost 60 points) and NU (cost 40 points).

There are 3 mega tiers: OU-A (180), OU-B (140) and BL (100).

  1. Each team consists of 11 pokemon, no more, no less.
  2. Each team gets 1000 'points'
  3. There must be a pokemon from each tier and a mega on your team.
  4. After that you have 400 points left to pick 4 pokemons, but if you decided to choose a mega from OU-B or BL, the difference in points between 180 and your pick is added to your 400.
  5. This is how the teams become balanced out.

Coaches Edit

The coaches change per season, the following is from season 4:

Coach Team Based on
Magni2de Milwaukee Sawsbucks Milwaukee Bucks
Shady Penguinn New York Mankeys New York Yankees
Kooper Utah Jasmine Utah Jazz
aDrive St. Louis Rampardos St. Louis Rams
Mega Mogwai Real Marril Real Madrid
Tup Pittsburgh PiRattatas Pittsburgh Pirates
Gym Leader Geo San Francisco GiEnteis San Francisco Giants
Crimson CBAD Detroit Steel Wings Detroit Red Wings
Hank the Pidgey Winnipeg Aqua Jets Winnipeg Jets
Mulvone Cincinnati Loudreds Cincinnati Reds
NiPPs Long Island Regirockies Long Island Rockies