Info: Edit

GameboyLuke 2 is a black irish poketuber who mostly uploads prank videos. Some of his best work include: "LOGAN PAUL SHOT BY RONALD MCDONALD PRANK GONE WRONG, GONE SEXUAL, IN THE HOOD" and "I ATE LOTAD'S BUTT FOR VIEWS?!? GONE WRONG GONE SEXUAL, MINECRAFT, IN THE HOOD GONE RIGHT"

When he isn't uploading prank videos he uploads series such as "Roulette breed for all" and let's plays. He often collabs with HoodlumScrafty2 for these.

About: Edit

GameboyLuke 2 does not have any friends outside of youtube. He wants to move in with HoodlumScrafty 2 seeing as they both have a strong hatred for Verlisify 2. GameboyLuke 2 has stated multiple times that he will sue Nintendo if they make remakes of pokemon diamond, pearl, and platinum. He is a dirty man with a picture of all his fans in his room where he stares at them while going to “sleep”.


  • He has a TheKingNappy body pillow hidden in every video.
  • Said body pillow has many permanent stains on it
  • Those stains can’t be explained....

Trivia: Edit

  • He has never won a nuzlocke on his channel
  • He is a very proud homosexual
  • He is madly in love with Hoodlum Scrafty 2
  • He has never apologized for the pranks he has pulled.
  • He Said his dad was “Indeed thicc”
  • He once took a selfie with Rick Sanchez
  • His favorite pokemon is Sunkurn
  • He hates Rotom and Lucario
  • He has never met GamecubeFluke despite popular beliefs that they are the same person
  • He has never played any Pokémon game in his life
  • He is a four armed computer with a virus
  • He likes to sleep in a sink in new hampsure
  • There is proven facts that he is a 7-eleven conisuer
  • He drinks his own unamed body fluids
  • His favorite anime is The Nutshack
  • His mascot pokemon is Slowpoke
  • He has a third eye in the belly
  • Probably has a tight vagene