GameBoyLuke is the few PokéTuber from the UK and often seen playing alongside with PokéTubers. His iconic gameplay is with his friend, King Nappy.


GameBoyLuke is known for British accent and somewhat cheerful attitude, he present himself a restrained and calm person. But, he is passionate person to reacting to his favorite Pokémon and barley swears as much as his friend Kyle (King Nappy).


  • His channel mascot is Rotom.
  • X and Y is the few Pokémon games he didn't play or completed.
  • Pokémon Moon Version, he choose Litten and name him after his cat "George".
  • In a co-op with Pksparkxx Dathottness Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire playthrough series, Luke did a perfect impression voice of "Herbert" from "Family Guy" for Mister Briney.