GameboyLuke is an UK poketuber. His favorite pokemon is Lucario, a fighting/steel type. His second favourite pokemon Walrein a ice/water type. His mascot is Rotom, an electric type. His best poketuber friends are ShadyPenguinn, Patterrz, TheKingNappy, MoHeated. His girlfriend is HoodlumScrafy, another poketuber. GameboyLuke is also one of the very few to have access to the roulette free for all app. He loves to crawl under his bed and eat cheese all day long when hes not making videos.

Facts Edit



  • Gameboyluke's favorite movie is The Bee Movie
  • His favorite move in pokemon is explosion
  • His favorite weather condition is fog, especially when it's deep.
  • GameboyLuke was born in 2019
  • He should marry HoodlumScrafty
  • GameboyLuke hates Rotom
  • GameboyLukes favorite pokemon is Dedenne
  • His favorite food is nothing
  • He loves to watch Barney The Dinosaur in his free time
  • He has a strange fetish for Thomas the Tank Engine

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