MunchingOrange's Current Logo
Date joined October 18, 2008

(8 years ago)

Views Approx. 150M
Subscribers Approx. 900k
Videos Approx. 2,2k
Status Active
Twitter @MunchingOrange

Eriel, or MunchingOrange, started YouTube in November of 2008... 8 years later, he is sitting atop aprox. 1,000,000 subscribers, and about 200,000,000 views. He is currently still uploading pokemon content, as well as branching out into the vlogging realm. His "MO Show" is a vlogging series that occurs on average bi-weekly, but doesn't necessarily have a schedule. This show is also on its second season.He uploads pokemon videos by a series that lasts quite a long time and may have mini one episode lets plays but he mainly focuses on one series. He is currently working on his Pokemon Ball Z series.

Additional Facts

  • He is puerto-rican.
  • He at one point in time lived with PurpleRodri and other members of The Crew however, they eventually went their seperate ways.
  • He now currently lives with Sullypwnz, Purplerodri, JohneAwesome and ZeldaMaster.
  • He has done a egglocke collab very recently with fellow Poketuber, aDrive.
  • He is one of 3 poketubers with over 1 million subs and is the poketuber with the 3rd most subs

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