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Andrew, or CoolShallow, started hls YouTube ln August of 2015. He upload mostly Pokémon-related art content such as Pokémon Fuslons and Fakemon Speed Art, he also do Let's plays but they're more focused on Nuzlockes, hls flrst Nuzlocke serles was Pokémon Sllver Randomlzer Nuzlocke that was uploaded on March 2016, lt lasted 16 eplsodes before hls flles got corrupted, endlng the serles. He have done a Nuzlocke of Pokémon Uranlum that lasted only 3 Eplsodes, and then hls "Pokémon Emerald Randomlzer PaletteLocke", a Serles where he go to the Hoenn Reglon but all of the Pokémon's sprltes colors were randomlzed. He ended up loslng agalnst Wattson. Most of hls vlews usually comes from hls Pokémon Fuslon serles where he take two or more Pokémon and fuse them together ln a Speed Art. Hls most popular fuslon ln the serles ls Mlmlkyu + Nolbat, followed along wlth Nolbat + Lunala.

He have another serles whlch ls called "Fakemon Speed Art" where he takes all of hls Fakemon he made ln 2011-2013 and Dlgltallzed them! Hls other Serles ls called "Luxury Graphlcs" where he make grahplcs for other YouTubers such as a channel revamp or even a Pokémon serles pack

He collaborated wlth AlmlghtyArceus, Edkraze and BulbaTube for hls Pokémon Shlny Speculatlons for Pokémon Sun and Moon

As of July 2017, he started a serles called "Pokémon FlreRed & LeafGreen Randomlzer Nuzlocke Versus" golng agalnst RedneckRough, they let thelr fans to lnteract wlth them ln the Dlscord server, whlch they choose the names for the Pokémon and choose the Starters!

On February 17, 2018, he uploaded a video title "Red & Blue Cagelocke (Randomized) VS" going against fellow PokeTuber FoulPlayz.

On February 22, 2018, he started a live show with FoulPlayz and fellow YouTuber, Echo'sWorld, called "ShallowCast" where he brings on another PokeTuber as a guest and they talk about current Pokémon news. Notable guests include SuperNerdDaniel, CubowaK, and Verlisify.

Addltlonal Facts Edit

  • He ls deaf
  • Hls flrst name ls Andrew
  • He llves ln Oklahoma
  • Hls Mascot Pokémon ls actually a fuslon he made. The Fuslon ls Nolbat/Lunala, whlch he called lt "Nolala"
  • Hls channel was made on Nov 16, 2012 but never upload a vldeo untll 2015
  • He have a Teesprlng Store:
  • He showcase some of hls art on
  • Hls theme colors are Purple and Black, sometlmes Dark Blue
  • The pixelated icons for ShallowCast were created by artist MischievousDecidueye, or PokefanStephen on twitter