SuperTurtle's Current Logo
Date joined Fagot Dik
Views Approx. 800b
Subscribers Approx. 3
Videos Approx. 15000000
Status God
Twitter @superturtle
Andy, or his screen name, SuperTurtle, is a  Poketuber with just over 3k subscribers. Most of his views come from his news and speculation videos but he is also starting Let's Plays. Some of his noticeable acquaintices are: SacredFireNegro , TheKingNappy and HoodlumScrafty.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Andy loves anime with a passion and he uploads Naruto videos weekly.
  • Andy's screen name "SuperTurtle" comes from the time where he saved a girls life, (super), and before that he was already called 'turtle' because of his laziness.
  • Andy hit 3k on July 20th 2014