Adrive had a small meme in late 2016 when he shiny hunted a mareanie, started shouting, and ran around his attic like a monkey. This was often used for funny impressions of him and shiny reaction memes.

Date joined September 2, 2011
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Subscribers Approx. 344k
Videos Approx. 2100
Status Active
Twitter @aDrive_tK

aDrive Edit

Adrive, more commonly known as Dan, is a Pokémon Let's Player, full-time Twitch streamer, and the official "Know de wae King" of the Pokémon Community. Dan has also been coach of the St. Louis Rampardos in the Global Battle Association (GBA) from seasons three to six, the United Championship League (UCL), The Rampardos Have also been in the NPA And WBE, a draft league created by aDrive, and became coach of the New York Metapods in the National Pokémon Association (NPA), And is also coach of the Minnesota Vikavolts in the NPA. The Rampardos were runner-up in Season Four of the GBA (9-1) and became champions in Season Five (7-5), Vikavolts we’re champions of the P4G in Season Two (11-2)

From Danbury, Connecticut, Dan first started his Youtube channel with Call of Booty videos with the occasional personal vlog. His first Pokémon Let's Play was Pokémon Leaf Green, uploaded in April 2012. Eventually losing interest in Call of Oh shit I need a bathroom to duty in, Dan turned to uploading solely Pokémon content, much of it coming direct from his Twitch streaming. Shiny hunting became Dan's signature content showcasing of his quest to catch every shiny Pokémon available through legitimate means and uploading his reactions each time he found one. He also uploaded several tutorials to aid viewers in their own shiny hunting. Dan still regularly uploads Let's Plays and has even invented a new version of the popular Nuzlocke: the Cagelocke.

Additional Information Edit

  • Dan lives in Danbury, Connecticut and currently is married to his wife Dani, aka aJive.
  • Bug types are his favorite Pokémon type and his icons are usually those with him dressed in a typical outfit of the Bug Catcher trainer class.
  • His mascot is shiny Mothim.
  • The aDrive Army is the name of his follower base.
  • The first shiny he every caught was a shiny Durant from Pokémon Black.
  • Dan is director for Team Kaliber, a group which specializes in competitive Call of Duty gaming.
  • The newest addition to Dan and Dani's family is Lillipup, or Lilli, a miniature Goldendoodle puppy.
  • Dan and Dani announced on February 17, 2018 that they are expecting a baby, which is due in July.